The Question I Get Asked The Most About How I Make My Jewelry

The question I get asked the most is "How do you get the photographs so small for the earrings?"

So here's the answer:  I am able to print them fairly small, and then select an even smaller area I want to use for the jewelry.  It's like buying a package of school photographs, you can get the photos in a variety of sizes from 8 X 10 down to wallet size.  

To make the jewelry I print the photos like a set of wallet size portraits (but a little smaller than that), with many on one page.  Then I either cut out the parts I want for setting in necklace bezels or I glue the glass tiles onto the photograph, trying to put them in the same place on each photo so the earrings will match.

I don't mind sharing this kind of information.  I didn't invent the process, I found other people's posts online and followed their lead.  What makes my jewelry unique is that the photos are all mine, so nobody can make the same piece of jewelry that I can.  Then for the necklaces I add beads that speak to me and enhance the photo.  Someone else would choose different beads than me, so my jewelry will always be unique to me.

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