Dancing Loon Studios is my way to share my creativity with the world. I love photography and creating things with my hands, and found a way to combine those two things into my jewelry.  People tell me that my jewelry is cheerful and optimistic, and I think that reflects my view of the world perfectly! 

I love meeting people at craft fairs and farmer's markets and seeing them explore the world through my photographs.  Many times customers will come back again and again to explore the photographs and to hear the stories about where each picture was made.  My customers leave with a unique piece of jewelry that helps connect them to nature and is often chosen as a gift for a unique and special person in their life.  

I carefully choose the stones that I use, often spending hours in local bead shops and then picking just the right ones to complement the photographs contained in the pendants.  The result of all this work and attention to detail is jewelry that makes people feel special and unique.  

I am also making prints available as well as jewelry.  Upon request, I can make jewelry to match the photographs.

On a personal note, I have been living with metastatic breast cancer since 2016.  I escape to nature to recharge, move beyond cancer and find inspiration.  When I am holding the camera I can forget about the daily challenges of living with this disease and find peace.  This form of breast cancer has no cure and will likely take my life.  As a result, I would like to donate 10% of each sale to research aimed at finding a cure for breast cancer.